In you are a big fan of harry potter and dream to enter Hogwarts the Mysterious place in the virtual word than you must Download Free Hogwarts Mystery Mod APK 2018 latest version for android and IOS. The best adventure app will bind you with your android mobile for a longer time and you are going to love this application. So go for it download and add new pleasure of entertainment in your life.

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What is Hogwarts and Hogwarts Mystery APK

There will merely be anyone who is not aware of Hogwarts (Hogwarts Mystery APK). In case anyone who didn’t know, Hogwarts is the magic school of our very own Harry Potter. It might be the wish of every young one to have an interactivity with Harry Potter or to have an entry in Hogwarts. The dream of getting enter in Hogwarts will be true if you download the APK of Hogwarts for free or downloading the Hogwarts Mystery Mod APK new version. This is the core concept behind the Hogwarts Mystery APK new version and that’s the reason peoples are loving with this app making it the best popular application of the ear with million plus downloads and average 4+ rating worldwide.

Right after the Hogwarts mystery apk game is available for download it leaves a great impact on user, as it allows user to feel to be in Hogwarts, actually. User may experience the magic school and also can learn spellings for the magic words. The best graphical and story line combination in Hogwarts apk will fall player in love with this great apk for time pass. Hogwarts mystery mod apk will take user to a fantasy world for sure.

Brief description of Hogwarts mystery apk latest mod version

Before installing the game, user must have some knowledge about the game and how it should be played. Following is the brief introduction one should definitely read for ease. When you will start playing the game, in the very first scene of the game user will get a letter by Dumbledore via his owl, with your name written on that letter envelope. In this letter user will receive a letter, calling him to Hogwarts. After getting entered into the Hogwarts user can select the school of his choice and will earn the school cap based on his experience, he will earn after joining the class.

The game has amazing graphics which attract user. The most amazing feature of this game is the background voices of your favorite characters form the actual. There are many troubles from the time you get entered into Hogwarts. These mysteries will create resistance in your way to final destination. A trap will catch you and you need to use your force at your best to get out of it. In case you won’t get out of it your energy will keep on getting low. To get your energy back you either need to pay some money or you have to wait for an hour.

While entering in the classes more troubles are here for user. After getting rid of these mystery troubles one can get entered into the class to learn magical skills. The game also have amazing features of

  • Learning new magical skills
  • Customize your student avatar
  • Unlock more characters, spells
  • Get gems (coins for purchasing) by tapping or playing little quizzes/games

User can also build a friendship relationship with other house mates by helping them in their quests also by entering into their houses. Every given quest is time based (around 8 hours). User have to complete the task with 8 hours either at once or with breaks but if the task is not completed with the given time the task will be incomplete and user have to start it again.

Unlimited gems, coins and gifts in Hogwarts mystery mod apk 2018

There are Gems in game too, used as energy coin (as mentioned above). There is fixed price for these gems to be purchased. For example 10 flex for 10 gems. The game developer has used Flex as a currency. As every region has different currencies so many user may get discounts while some don’t. Game is totally dynamic, user can earn experience by interacting with different object in the class. Simpler yet interesting and have the ability to involve user in it.

But with this new modified apk version of Hogwarts mystery android apk you can make free in-app purchases and many new things that are restricted original Hogwarts mystery apk. So free download Hogwarts mystery apk 2018 and get you self-entertained like no one does in best way. You will get unlimited gold, coins and gems for free to purchase resources and unlock new features in the game.